Schoolgirl Phone Sex – Principal Teaches A Lesson

Schoolgirl Phone SexUsually the men who call me for schoolgirl phone sex have some really hot fantasies they like to play out. Wanna hear one?

I’m kind of the popular bitch girl in class.  You know that type of girl.  The pretty girl you want to fuck, but you’re also afraid of.

Well the principal caught me giggling with my friends about him.  Calling him a pencil dick geek and saying he was in such a shitty mood because he never got laid.

I got called into his office during first period. “Shit!”

But when I got in his office, expecting detention or something, he says I was right.  That he was a little on edge because he wasn’t getting sex and I was going to help him out with that. “Excuse me?”

That’s right, if I wanted to remain a cheerleader then I was going to put Mr Principal in a much better mood.  Then he smiled, pulled up my tshirt and tweaked my nipple.  “OMG, what a pervert!”

It was weird though, how I felt myself gush in my panties.  Like, he’s not hot or anything, but I’m not used to being controlled by men.  They usually just do whatever I say and take what I give them and like it, but this was different and kind of a turn on.

Well long story short, Mr P is in a much better mood these days, and this naughty schoolgirl still plays the bitch to her classmates, but in Mr P’s office, she’s a closet submissive.  Who knew?

I really like to roleplay your schoolgirl phone sex fantasies, so, duh, call me!

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