First Time Phone Sex – Fucked For The First Time!

First Time SexCallers almost always ask about the first time I had sex. I guess first time phone sex calls are so popular because everyone likes hearing first time sex stories – even me!

I don’t know about other little girls, but I started having sexual thoughts and fingering my young pussy at an early age. I would rub my little snatch while thinking about getting fucked by a big hard cock.

I’ve been a cock lover ever since I held one for the first time! I remember wrapping my little hand around the thick shaft and pumping up and down like the girls did in the videos I had secretly watched online. It was hot and swollen, and just throbbed in my little hand.

My first time blowjob was memorable too! It felt so right to take it in my wet mouth, licking and sucking on it like a lollipop. It made me hot just feeling it growing and expanding in my mouth. Is it any wonder that I love cock?

As much as I loved giving a handjob or blowjob, it was nothing compared to how much I loved getting fucked! The feel of the cock teasing my clitty before having that big head pushing against the entrance of my tiny young pussy – drove me crazy! I needed to be fucked, even though I knew first time sex could really hurt.

A girls first time is special, and she never forgets the first time she felt a cock push into her tight hole, popping her cherry. I couldn’t believe I had a real cock inside of me, and once the pain subsided, I loved it!

Of course once I started, I never wanted to stop and now I love just being a little fuck toy. I’ll always remember my first time, and if you like hearing about first times or role-playing them, just call me for first time phonesex!

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Cuckold Husband Phone Sex – How You Know You’re A Cuck

Cuckold Phone SexGuys call me with their cuckold stories, asking if I think they are a cuck. If you’re calling for cuckold husband phone sex, it’s a pretty safe bet that you are! Let me share an example with you.

You watched your hot wife all evening flirting with that handsome guy at the party. They couldn’t keep their eyes (and hands) off each other. When you saw them step outside together for a walk in the garden, you couldn’t help but follow to watch.

You knew you should be angry with your cheating wife; but instead of anger, you found yourself aroused. You watched his hands fondling her perfect tits in the shadows, and it made you hard.

You couldn’t help but see how she was leaning into him with that look in her eyes. It’s the look she gets when she wants to get fucked and she hadn’t looked at you like that in awhile. You fondle your cock as you watch and silently urge him to “fuck my wife”.

Then you call me to ask what’s wrong with you. *smile* Sweetie, you’re a cuck husband and just don’t know it. But don’t worry, there are lots of others like you. Call me for cuckold phone sex and I’ll tell you what’s in store. 😉

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Schoolgirl Phone Sex – Principal Teaches A Lesson

Schoolgirl Phone SexUsually the men who call me for schoolgirl phone sex have some really hot fantasies they like to play out. Wanna hear one?

I’m kind of the popular bitch girl in class.  You know that type of girl.  The pretty girl you want to fuck, but you’re also afraid of.

Well the principal caught me giggling with my friends about him.  Calling him a pencil dick geek and saying he was in such a shitty mood because he never got laid.

I got called into his office during first period. “Shit!”

But when I got in his office, expecting detention or something, he says I was right.  That he was a little on edge because he wasn’t getting sex and I was going to help him out with that. “Excuse me?”

That’s right, if I wanted to remain a cheerleader then I was going to put Mr Principal in a much better mood.  Then he smiled, pulled up my tshirt and tweaked my nipple.  “OMG, what a pervert!”

It was weird though, how I felt myself gush in my panties.  Like, he’s not hot or anything, but I’m not used to being controlled by men.  They usually just do whatever I say and take what I give them and like it, but this was different and kind of a turn on.

Well long story short, Mr P is in a much better mood these days, and this naughty schoolgirl still plays the bitch to her classmates, but in Mr P’s office, she’s a closet submissive.  Who knew?

I really like to roleplay your schoolgirl phone sex fantasies, so, duh, call me!

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Asian Girl Phone Sex – Young Asian Roleplays

Asian Phone SexI always ask callers what they like best about Asian girls. It’s either the Asian accent, their little petite bodies, or the fact that Asian girls are known for being submissive and try harder to please. I’m all those things – so callers looking for Asian girl phone sex should really like me!

Often men callers like to imagine having a little Asian girl of their own to do with as they please. Sometimes they just like having me as their little adopted daughter to love and adore, and play special games with daddy. They like pulling me on their laps and sliding their hand down my panties to finger my tiny Asian holes.

Others like the thought of having a young Asian whore that’s only good for sucking and fucking. A good little Asian submissive knows how to kneel with tears streaming while you fuck her mouth, gagging her on your big white cock and filling her mouth with a hot load of cum. Or how to strip for you, bending over and presenting her bare little ass for a hard spanking or even a beating. Submissive Asian girls know their duty is to obey.

Everyone wonders what is under that little Asian schoolgirl dress. I enjoy playing one of those Asian schoolgirls who gets picked up off the streets and offered money for stripping, and then gets her slutty Asian pussy and ass fucked!

Whether you are looking for sweet and submissive, slutty and horny, or just a young Asian whore for Asian sex – I’m the cute and fuckable little Asian phone sex girl for you!

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Slutty Teen Phone Sex – Who Says Guys Don’t Like Sluts?!

Teen Slut Phone SexI admit I’m a young teen slut – but it’s because I’m just so horny all the time! Besides, that just makes me the perfect little slutty teen phone sex girl. 😉

Mom was always preaching that boys don’t like slutty girls, but mama was wrong! Not only do the boys like hot sluts, but grown men are pretty fond of young teen sluts too. *giggle*

I guess mama hasn’t noticed the way her boyfriend has been looking at me and my teen friends lately – but we have! Of course, the fact that my friends are all little sluts like me and we do our best to drive him crazy, might have something to do with it.

Me and my friends have always walked around the house in our little see-through nighties. It’s not our fault that he can’t resist sexy sluts like us. *giggle*

Of course Mom has no idea that he comes to my room to play with us little dirty sluts after she goes to sleep. He enjoys watching us strip for him while he jerks his cock, and gives us money to keep it a secret.

We tell him about all the boys we fuck, and it really turns him on to hear our ‘slut gets fucked‘ stories! He hasn’t tried to fuck any of us yet, but it’s probably just a matter of time before he suggest is. What man could resist young horny sluts who are willing to put out? I know it’s bad, but I find the idea of fucking my own mom’s boyfriend to be hot!

I’d love to share some of my slut stories with you, or we could play out your teen slut phone sex fantasies when you call. Or ask for a two-girl call for all the hot slut you can handle!

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Shemale Phone Sex – Taboo Shemale Sex

Shemale Phone SexI find it interesting that so many of my shemale phone sex callers are straight.

I always ask if they have ever experienced shemale sex, and find that few actually have. With most, it’s just something they have fantasized about – and never really intend to experience in person.

I think they are just aroused by the idea of taboo shemale sex. They love the look and feel of a woman, her smell and feminine voice; but are aroused by the thought of a big cock shemale. I have it all – the soft sexy look of a woman, and the big shemale cock they desire.

They imagine themselves on hands and knees, their mouth wrapped around my beautiful shecock, sucking it as I put my soft hand on the back of their  head – gently guiding it in and out.

Others prefer the thought of being forced to suck it, with me controlling how deep and fast you suck . That’s okay. I love roleplays where I fool them into thinking I’m something I’m not, then forcing my shecock into their mouths for shemale blow jobs.

Whether you willingly suck my cock, or it’s a forced bi call – I enjoy them the same; and your aroused cock shows me that you do as well.

Do you long to be dominated by a sexy shemale – having me bend you over and take what I want? I do enjoy owning your ass and making you my bitch. Maybe you’ve been fucked by a woman with a strap-on, but that’s nothing like the feel a real, throbbing shemale cock penetrating your ass as she makes you her anal slut.

Whatever you secret desire, you can realize them with shemale phone sex with me.

Shemale Chris
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Barely Legal Phone Sex – Barely Legal Teen Orgy!

Barely Legal Teen Phone SexAs you might have guessed, I do barely legal phone sex. Even if you’re never played with a barely legal teen before, I think you should call and give me a try, don’t you? *giggle*

We can talk about any kind of barely legal sex, even barely legal anal. I know you men love the anal, right? I’m really popular with the boys because I like anal sex too! 🙂

Okay so barely legal phone sex covers all kinds of teen phone sex topics. We can do incest, rape, tease and denial, and even barely legal orgy!

Mmmm that makes me think of the time I had a slumber party and the boys found out. They crawled up the tree and snuck in my bedroom window. (okay they had help)

Anyway, we were just playing around and stuff, but then we started playing truth or dare and I was dared to suck one boys cock. He was really cute! I had to do it right in front of everyone! So then I dared her to get fucked right in front of everyone. Well you can see how that turned into a barely legal teen orgy, right?

It was so much fun it turned into a regular thing with more and more boys showing up every time! I had so many boys in my bedroom, I bet we broke a few fire codes. *giggle*

Okay so barely legal phone sex. Sounds like fun, right?

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex – Cheating Wife Caught

Cheating Wife Phone Sex
Husbands call me all the time saying ‘I caught my wife cheating‘ or feel like she’s cheating and want to talk about it. I love those types of cheating wife phone sex calls. 😉

Do you ever wonder what  your cheating wife is doing while you’re stuck at home watching the kids? You sit there and imagine she’s in a hotel room undressing for some stranger she just met, playing out this whole cheating wife story in your mind.

You imagine yourself confronting her and she has no shame. She doesn’t even feel guilty and owns up to having cheated on you. She almost seems aroused by having you know, and willingly shares all the naughty details. The thing is, you’re aroused too.

One husband caught wife cheating with his best friend, in his own bed, no less – and I couldn’t help but laugh because he couldn’t decide if he was more turned on than mad! He kept talking about seeing them together, and being turned on by watching another man fucking his sexy wife.

Maybe you don’t really want your wife cheating, but enjoy the cheating wife fantasy  and find cheating wife sex to be a huge turn-on. Just reading about it now makes your cock hard, doesn’t it?

So call me for cheating wife phone sex, and we can pretend that I’m your cheating wife horny for some stranger’s cock, or we can swap cheating wife sex stories. I have a lot of those to share! 😉

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Mom Son Incest Phone Sex – Mom Fucks Son

Mommy Fucks Son Phone SexYou may have guessed by the pic of this slutty mom riding her son that I’m not the typical mom who makes brownies for the booster club. Uh uh! My bio reads more like mom seduces son then tells you all about it with mom son incest phone sex.

What mommy wouldn’t love having a horny teenage son ready to fuck 24 hours day or night?

This slutty older mom loves it.  He’s literally hard all the time!

He might have been a little surprised when his mom first seduced him.  He was pretty young after all. But now he realizes his horny mom needs sex as much as he does and the incest thing doesn’t bother him at all. I think the mom son incest aspect is a turn on.  It’s so taboo and just wrong.  That makes it hot!

My son even went with me to get my piercings.  He also loved watching mommy pay or it with a blowjob.  After that, he had to have an incest blowjob in the card while he twisted mommy’s inner labia ring.  He’s such a bad boy!  I loved it!

You might also wonder if I let him cum in mommy?  Oh you bet I do!  There’s nothing like having real incest cum dripping out of mommy’s cunt.

I guess my naughtiest pleasure is sucking my son’s cock after he’s fucked his little girlfriend.  I love tasting her young cum on his dick. Mmmmm Soooo nasty!  It always makes him cum so hard when mommy cleans him up.

I hope you’re going to call me for mom son incest phone sex right now.  I’ve just made myself so horny writing this.  I hope you’re horny too!

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