First Time Phone Sex – Fucked For The First Time!

First Time SexCallers almost always ask about the first time I had sex. I guess first time phone sex calls are so popular because everyone likes hearing first time sex stories – even me!

I don’t know about other little girls, but I started having sexual thoughts and fingering my young pussy at an early age. I would rub my little snatch while thinking about getting fucked by a big hard cock.

I’ve been a cock lover ever since I held one for the first time! I remember wrapping my little hand around the thick shaft and pumping up and down like the girls did in the videos I had secretly watched online. It was hot and swollen, and just throbbed in my little hand.

My first time blowjob was memorable too! It felt so right to take it in my wet mouth, licking and sucking on it like a lollipop. It made me hot just feeling it growing and expanding in my mouth. Is it any wonder that I love cock?

As much as I loved giving a handjob or blowjob, it was nothing compared to how much I loved getting fucked! The feel of the cock teasing my clitty before having that big head pushing against the entrance of my tiny young pussy – drove me crazy! I needed to be fucked, even though I knew first time sex could really hurt.

A girls first time is special, and she never forgets the first time she felt a cock push into her tight hole, popping her cherry. I couldn’t believe I had a real cock inside of me, and once the pain subsided, I loved it!

Of course once I started, I never wanted to stop and now I love just being a little fuck toy. I’ll always remember my first time, and if you like hearing about first times or role-playing them, just call me for first time phonesex!

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